Flow’s HD Resource Pack

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Flow’s HD Resource Pack is a popular resource pack made by “Lukolaz” and bring to you a whole new experience of Minecraft World. The first author of this pack is “Eisregen” but he abandoned work on this famous fabulous texture pack and stop working for the version of 1.8 . Later, Lukolaz maintain pretty well now Flow’s HD Resource Pack. He creates an authorized website for this mod, and you can find 2 different resolution for Flow’s HD resource pack : 64x and 128x.

This pack brings to player many kind of texture : new Podzol texture, new Packed Ice texture, new Old Iron Door texture, … and more incredible stuff. The author had been working so hard to bring a modern and organic feel to the game that will make you addicted to this mod.

It brings the passion of “The Sims” to Minecraft world. Each building, whether it is a medieval castle or a brilliant five-star hotel, it still have a perfectly suitable texture pack that will make you feel comfortable. Flow’s HD resource pack is a pack that suits people who like modern and high-tech buildings.