Picking the right minecraft server for you

As we all know not all servers are the same. Some are populated by friendly people and are generally fun to play on, others might be less so, whether because of their players or their staff making decisions that don’t really benefit the community and the player base. I’ve found the best list to find a server that’s perfect for me to be https://serverlist101.com, since it only lists the best servers that are currently operating. There are plenty to choose from and they vary from minecraft prison servers to skyblock challenge servers and even the plain old freeform building and survival. There are plenty of choices so don’t be shy about dropping into many of them and choosing the one that fits you best. Also try to talk to the staff about possible upcoming events and changes which can give you an idea of how involved the staff are with the community and how much attention they pay to their realms. i know i found the server i currently play on at this minecraft serverlist.