Soartex Fanver Resource Pack

December 7, 2022

Soartex Fanver Resource Pack

Have you ever heard of Soartex resource pack or even played it before ? This fan-made version “Soartex Fanver” is based on the original version, utilizing some textures, graphics, and implementing many new items, right alongside them.

There's really no author to credit for creating Soartex Fanver because this mode is a combination of different people's works than something made by a single creator. Soar49 is the author who made the original Soartex resource pack, but in detail, there are so many differences between this mod and the original, so they really aren't the same thing. Such as : new textures are contributed through a forum system and group-works.

Soartex Fanver resource pack works normally with all Minecraft version, up to 1.8, which is the lastest release of the game, in spite of the fact that the original Soartex doesn't see updates these days. One word about this resource pack : perfect. The new textures has been reworked, very detailed but not using photo-realistic, the bright world with light and coloful, makes players feel comfortable, not all birght pastels could make the game look like a cartoon.

The resource pack allows players to see right to the bottom of rivers, lakes, … if there is enough light nearby, as well as parts of the ocean where the water isn't too deep. The 64x resolution brings the game right in the middle in a fashion, not too detailed, not too dull, that's just how the majority of Minecraft players love it. After upgrade and improve the textures, everything in the game frome the user interface to the various weapons, tools,… become so beautiful and realistic.

In our opinion, you have to try this resource mod. Hope you guys enjoy it!!