Transformers Prime Resource Pack

November 30, 2022

Transformers Prime Resource Pack

If you're a fan of Transformers film series, you must to try this Transformers Prime resource pack !!! This resource pack brings to players the exactly feeling just like watching one of the best sci-fi movie. A cold and darker colors robotic feel really sets the mood, if you already a fan of this series, but if you are not a fan, don't worry, this resource pack has a lot of features will please you after first time playing.

This resource pack is easy to install with the instructions below, everything will show up when you start Minecraft. The author had added sound and music to this resource pack so you won't get bored while exploring Transformers Prime.

And be careful, with this newest version of Transformers Prime resource pack, the game had updated trap door, zombies reskinned as Decepticons,…

Overall, this Transformers Prime resource pack is worth to check out!!