Villager Dynamics?!

November 27, 2022

Villager Dynamics?!

It's me… we have villagers issue… again!

I'm working on a Texture pack together and am finally testing it out, only to find out that villagers are super weird.

I just don't understand a damn thing about how the new villages work, it doesn't make sense. I've already explored quite a few in Creative Mode and almost all of the Villagers in a given village are Nitwits for some. I summoned villagers, but they won't let me trade, cause their trade offers flash on and off screen and this is the same with some villagers naturally spawned for some reason.

I ran the game in Minecraft 1.14.3 with Optifine and I also tried Vanilla 1.14.3, as with and without the texturepack. I want to make sure everything is running fine before I start a survival, but I'm completely lost on how different villagers are now.