Villagers misbehaving?

November 21, 2022

Villagers misbehaving?

I found a village in my survival world and have been meaning to improve it, but it seems like my villagers are behaving very strangely and it's becoming frustrating to deal with them.

The wiki says that they're supposed to spend most of their day near their job site block, but I rarely if ever see them actually doing as much. It seems they would much rather stand in various strange spots around the outside of the village, and rarely move even to go inside at night.

Two butchers disappeared wholesale. They wandered off and just vanished; I broke and re-placed the smoker that was already there in the village twice before I got one who managed to stick around. He proceeded to spend the majority of his days several dozen blocks northwest of the smoker, near where I built my own house, making heart particles with a nitwit. I had to physically carry him by boat back into town.

My farmer originally bought wheat and sold apples as a trade; A few days later, he arbitrarily switched to buying beetroots (which I don't have) and selling bread. Meanwhile, Butcher III buys raw rabbit and sells rabbit stew, while I don't have a readily accessible means to acquire rabbit, and no real desire to have rabbit stew, and refuses to change his trades like the farmer did. (Butcher II bought pork in the scant minute or so before he left his hut and vanished into the ether.)

Why are my villagers acting like this? Is there anything I can do to fix it, or am I just stuck with a village of bugged-out villagers who can't be wrangled?